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Making Sayang 2016 blendsIt's an exciting period now as the different wines and varietals are ending their cycle of vinification. Normally we wait until January to start making the blends but this year we moved it to December for several reasons. One of the reasons is that we were running out of River Rosé 2015 and need to bottle the 2016 urgently. Other than that, we need samples for an exhibition in January where we need to show the 2016 already, even if they are still tank/barrel samples and not bottled yet.  

So after a few hours of selecting, spitting, contemplating, blending, savoring, noting, testing.... we come up with our first 2016 concoctions. We draw up a sample bottle and leave it to rest one week. Then we check the blended sample again to make sure we get the same impressions as we did the week before. It's all about assessing and making sure we are spot on. By the end of December we make the final choices. Now isn't that a nice New Year present? 


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