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DSC 4607After finalizing the 2015 blends end of January, we let everything to settle and rest. We always monitor current vintages and their depletions in the warehouse. Once they start going below a certain volume, we plan the new bottle runs.

The first ones to change over vintage will be the  ::Sayang River Rosé  and then the   ::Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec  .  

It's always exciting to see new vintages becoming available for our Sayang wine lovers. Next batch of 2015 wines are planned to come by the end of June, and of course we will keep you posted, here and on our social media pages. Follow us there if you care  ::https://www.facebook.com/SayangWines 

For now, spring is here and the sun is shining. Time to invite some friends, crack some bottles of wine, prepare some finger food and have a blast !



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