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Ok, September started and that means the big wine season is kicking off again.

A good way to start actually, as   ::Sayang Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon   just was awarded a Silver Medal at Mundus Vini in Germany. We tend to send just a few wines each time to a very limited number of competitions. So it's great to see we get good respons from that. It encourages us to go for an excellent quality for an excellent value. So try out the wine one of these days.

                             mundusvini cab13 silver               Wijnkoopgids 2016 cover klein

On the Belgian front, we found out that we score once again in the Top 300 best wines on the Belgian market with 3 wines. This buying guide is released yearly at the end of September and has been around for more than 20 years. Frank Vander Auwera, journalist and editor, gathers professionals and consumers for blind tasting sessions so in all it's a good mix on how winestyles - types - flavours and people are reflected in the market.

All will be revealed soon within a few days. But as far as we know after our whites scored well in previous editions, we have some red in the guide now as well and that makes me a happy man. I will keep you posted for sure, dont worry!  Meanwhile we are in October and the  ::information is available here.



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