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Sayang Wines Wellness Weekend to winIn these modern times, where all is highly competitive and where we aim to get the best out of everything, stress has become part of our daily life. It doesn't always need to be 'bad' stress and sometimes people can even excel from a little kick in the back. Well you know what I mean.

But then again, also in these modern times, there are great ways to let go, keep cool and share quality time with nice people around you.

And that's where we come in. May we offer some nice wine to wind down with your sayang?  And not only that, during the Sayang Wines tasting days on 25-26 April we are organising, you can win a Sayang Wines Wellness Weekend at the coast for 2 people. Enjoy a three course dinner, double room, massage - hydrojet - jacuzzi and a lavish breakfast in the 4 star luxury   ::Hotel Donny  at the Belgian Coast.

Join us at the tasting to get your participation form whilst discovering our whole range of sparkling, whites, rosé and reds. I am pretty sure there is even a very tempting promotion during those days on top.    ::Find out the details of the tasting weekend here

Catch you there!



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