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900-sayang-doos brut met schaduw webAs we are moving towards the end of the year, companies are gradually looking for a nice (business) gift. Now what would be nicer than giving a nice bottle of Sayang wine or Mmuahh Brut sparkling in our new luxury gift box?

But I am pretty sure that in some cases you want to give it a personal touch when it comes to thanking your sayang, co-workers, employees, clients, business contacts with a nice gift.

We have the perfect solution! We have made a sleeve design that fits on one side of the giftbox. If you send in your text and logo, this can be printed and the sleeves are sent to you or your local Sayang Wines supplier. When putting the wines in the gift boxes, simply add on the sleeve with your personal message. How cool and easy is that!

You can get more information from your   ::local Sayang importer you will find here.




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