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We are happy to announce a new birth in the Sayang family of wines. Actually we were in labour of twins, albeit not identical twins. Please welcome  ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut  and the  ::Sayang Gift Box .

We just couldn't resist to develop as fast as possible an excellent addition to the range, that really complements our assortment at this stage in every possible way. Sayang Mmuahh Brut combines our values of bringing something on a quality level and fun at the same time, in an exciting packaging and with high value for money. 

The Sayang Gift Box features the same spirit and drive to bring something different and cute. It is a one size fits all box that can be used for all Sayang Wines and comes separate from the wines. So depending on your needs and likes, it is a very cool gift to give... and to get, to pack your preferred wine.

Sayang Gift Box   Sayang Mmuahh BrutSayang Mmuahh Brut




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