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Cat out of the bagJuly and August is a bit of a strange period. European businesses slow down by 50% as people take their holidays spread over these two months. Wineries gradually prepare and plan for the harvest to come in September and October whilst nurturing vineyards and grapes and praying to gods for perfect climate conditions.

And here at the Sayang Wines offices, we are preparing in silence for some nice things to come....

It's too early to leave the cat out of the bag, but on 1 September we will be more than happy to announce a few things as these are ever so exciting times. So follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want the news on the spot, since on the Sayang website we display the "What's new" only around half of the month.

So in a nutshell.... August is nothing more than a hardworking month we hush... But (y)our patience will be rewarded as we very very very much look forward to share it all with you on 1 September.



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