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Flight Sayang Wines to AsiaFor those who follow us on Facebook, you might have seen we were hopping around Asia for a few weeks, spreading the word about Sayang Wines.

Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore and Hong Kong were on this trip's drop down list. Whilst it is a tough market out there and Sayang is just the new kid on the block, it's not always that easy to find importers who will give us a chance to explain about who we are, what we do and what message we bring to the world besides the wines.

This being said, some people opened their heart for us and listened to our story, whether an importer or being connected to the wine world in another way. It is so great to get to know these people and interact, share experiences and ofcourse also a nice glass of wine.

It is fun to learn more about local culture, our differences, what unites us and how people connect, as basically people are the same no matter their AOC (origin). This is the spice of life as far as we are concerned. And if we can join in to top it off with some Sayang Wines, how much better can it match - no matter where you live ?



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