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Logo BollaertWe are happy to announce that   ::Wijnhuis Bollaert in Merelbeke Belgium has decided to team up with Sayang Wines. After the presentation for the Sales and Management team some time ago, it was just a matter of waiting for the new 2013 white and rosé vintages to kick in as the 2012 was depleting gradually and about to finish.

That day has come as on 11 June the 2013 Sayang Ocean White, Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier, Sayang Block 88 Chardonnay and Sayang River Rosé saw daylight. Sayang Mountain Red 2013 will follow shortly by the end of the month.  ::Check the wines here.

A special thanks to Luc, Freddy and their team to adopt the full set of Sayang babies and share them with their clients as from now. It's a busy period for them as they are preparing for their new website at the same time.... I can tell you already it will look very nice. Good things come in pair, no?

Duty free shopSky Shops Brussels has decided to take on board the yummy Sayang River Rosé 2013 during it's "Festival du Rosé". It will be available in several shops at Brussels Zaventem National Airport, A and B pier. Holidays already start before being airborn! And it's the new vintage at the same time. Thanks so much Carl-Eric for selecting our wine, thats just awesome.

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