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WBISI am packing my bags. Don't worry, I am not leaving you guys. It's just that Sayang is participating at the  ::2014 'Wine Business Innovation Summit'  on January 18-19 in Munich.

The first edition of the Wine Business Innovation Summit was held on Saturday 19th January 2013 in Brussels, attracting figures from across the globe. It took the world of wine by storm. A new type of event, #WBIS combined highly interesting discussions and round-tables with a spotlight for wine business start-ups and a free tasting and networking event. We were intruiged by the concept and participated at the event back then.

Just starting up at that time and overloaded with things going on, we felt the timing wasn't right to also think about entering the  ::WBIS Business Award  competition. Temptation to enter this year's competition could not be left unattended as at Sayang we try to be a bit different, innovate step by step and get the message through.

So here we are, ready to present the Sayang brand, concept and wines to a broad keen wine business audience and to a jury of wine professionals during a two days summit. It is fun to share with others and learn. And if we should turn out to win the competition, hey.... then thats a cool bonus. I will update after the WBIS weekend.

UPDATE: I had a great weekend. In the end we didn't get the first place on the award part but that's quite ok. The well deserved winner is Andre from Portugal with his innovative concept of the Smart Glass with RFID (radio frequency) tag that allows you to easily get information and much more when you just swipe the glass over the scanner during tastings. I am sure we will hear more from it in the near future. Well done Andre !

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