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VineFrance's 2013 vintage started hopeful but as spring turned to be rather humid and chilly in compared to other years, budding and flowering took 2 to 3 weeks longer to get on track. On top of that, June surprised many regions with stormy destructive hail, ruining a fair amount of vineyards all over france. Languedoc-Roussillon however got lucky to escape from the ordeal.

With all this, harvest started late. In fact it took up to 4 weeks longer to get certain varietals in, making it one of the longest taking harvests in decades. Despite the very mixed weather patterns, the region got blessed with an Indian summer in September with temperatures around 30° during the day. As far in the season at that time, nights cooled off already, ensuring a nice balance and acidity. The odd September-October shower refreshed the vineyards and the Tramontane winds kept it all clean and dry overall.

2013 shows a rather high acidity level but taking time and the advantage of the lees, whites and rosés balance very well the generous fruity juice. For the reds, the malolactic fermentation did wonders producing expressive wines, showing typical varietal characters, generous and mouth filling. If the quality levels are maintained, the yields however have not. Depending on the grape, volumes are poor or average.

In a few months time when all has settled, we will assess and start making the blends. Getting excited already !

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