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IMG 7015kleinApril is spring time and time for new stuff. It means it is time to bottle the 2017 white wine.  

We like to keep the wine a bit in the bottle before it hits the importers warehouse and ultimately the restaurant you are having lunch or dinner at, or your own private cellar for that matter.  

I guess end of may or beginning of June first batches will make it towards you. We tweeked the blend and this years Ocean White is much more crispy than before, giving it more character.

We listened to our customers highly appreciated feedback and accomodate them with a more lively mouth feel, thanks to more sauvignon blanc. For you to find out! 



blendingAs "last year" we started blending already in December, we got back to our tradition to wait until January or February. All depends on how far the wines are, and how early harvest started. 

It is the same good ol' fun to make the new blends and the wines show well with some components exceptional. Its nice to have them to guarantee the consistent quality we strive for.

We had to make a final choice out of two, for our Mountain Red blend and the call was tight. We took our time and during a few weeks we assessed it all multiple times as it was hard to make a decision with two blends competing hard to earn their place. Time brings good advice and finally we feel we made the right choice that reflects our style and philosophy once again. You will taste it by the end of the year when the wine, we and you are ready. We are excited already!


To all sayangs out there, may we take this opporunity to thank you for your support and making life happy amongst other sayangs, where ever they live across the planet. We wish you good health and good fortune in a peaceful loving year 2018.

wenskaart 2017 webversie small 1



rose klein 17Our 2016 River Rosé did pretty well and sales were up on the then best ever vintage of this wine. So we were running out of stock and needed to bottle the new vintage as soon as possible. So the last of week of November things got done.

The 2017 even beats the 2016, so we can call it again the best vintage ever on this Rosé blend. It is refined, yummy and has a great yummy acidity that keeps it vibrant and juicy. You should try it, and not only during summer. It can fit anytime of the year.

Cheers !  



Sayangblock88chardonnay2016kleinWith time passing by like a fast car on a highway, we are already in sunny July. Time to share two new 2016 wines which we bottled recently in June.

Our first sales are underway towards the market as far as Block 88 Chardonnay and Ocean White are concerned. We have pimped up the Ocean White 2016 blend to give it a more crispy touch with some extra Sauvignon Blanc. The 2016 Chardonnay remains untouched, 45% oak - 55% stainless steel, providing a perfect balance between crisp juicy fruit and subtle oak integration.
Elegance and finesse is our style. We hope you will enjoy our wines and share in a good sayang vibe.

Cheers !  



gadogadoAs always we are happy to share our wines and philosophy with true wine lovers, whatever their origin. By word of mouth, Gado Gado restaurant in Ghent Belgium got to know our name. Philippe and his lovely Indonesian "sayang" Siska didn't hesitate too long to adopt our Sayang Ocean White, River Rosé and Mountain as their house pour. 

If you are near  ::Gado Gado restaurant in Ghent, do not hesitate to drop in for some yummy Indonesian food and some pairing Sayang Wines ofcourse. Philippe and his dedicated staff will welcome you in a true hospitality style and smile, while Siska will make sure you get to taste the true flavors of Indonesia. Aaahh... what else to wish for... Sangat sedap!* 

Cheers !  

*means very yummy


foto 3Spring is in the air! The sun is shining more and more and a warm, happy joyful feeling fills my heart as wine fills my glass. Just to say, our   ::2016 River Rosé   is ready to hit the road.

Fresh, crispy, fruity.... ah, time to go out and enjoy it on a terrace at your local wine bar or simply at home, overlooking your garden. Who knows, you might find a cosy spot at a river (rosé) bank ?

Either way, share it with some friends and some finger food, it's a match made in wine heaven. I bet you will get a broad smile on that sayang face of yours. Cheers !  


logofiaOne of our key words on our Christmas card was "stunning". Oh yeah, we really look forward to stunning things this year. And January has the honor to kick off a stunning year with our participation at FIA, the "Forum International d'Affaires" in Montpellier, France.   

Held at the end of January, this business event matches buyers from all over the world with producers in a two days set up. It coincides with Vinisud, anothe
r professional wine fair on the same grounds, but is a separate event. We have entered some wines and await the buyers reactions for a tasting and meeting. So.... let it stun, let it stun... and we will stun along :-)


The year is ending and we look back, with a smile, cherishing the good things in life. At the same time we look forward, with a smile, cherishing the good things we wish for the upcoming year.

This time we look forward to a stunning year, in any which way you want to have it. Thanks for all your support over the last years and may we meet and enjoy the good life once again in 2017, with good vibes, good health and good fortune.

wenskaart 2016 web klein



Making Sayang 2016 blendsIt's an exciting period now as the different wines and varietals are ending their cycle of vinification. Normally we wait until January to start making the blends but this year we moved it to December for several reasons. One of the reasons is that we were running out of River Rosé 2015 and need to bottle the 2016 urgently. Other than that, we need samples for an exhibition in January where we need to show the 2016 already, even if they are still tank/barrel samples and not bottled yet.  

So after a few hours of selecting, spitting, contemplating, blending, savoring, noting, testing.... we come up with our first 2016 concoctions. We draw up a sample bottle and leave it to rest one week. Then we check the blended sample again to make sure we get the same impressions as we did the week before. It's all about assessing and making sure we are spot on. By the end of December we make the final choices. Now isn't that a nice New Year present? 


rouge vendangesSeptember is a busy month in all ways you can imagine. Clients start ordering for the new upcoming wine sales season, tasting events are being organised and last but not least harvest is going on. 

This year has seen natures mood swings with irregular weather patterns according to nature's normal standards. Some regions got frost, some hail. Some withstood, some less. 

In the South of France, Pays d'oc wasn't hit and eventually sun made it through. But with that, rain sometimes lacked. Harvest started 10 days later than normal and the right picking time needed to be well thought through, depending on the grape conditions. 

Ah well, ... the fruit is there and work needs to be done in the cellars. Nothing new actually..., right?  :-) 


We received this cute video from Malaysia. Thanks so much Ashrul Amri for your wise words and support ! :-) Ash had the honor to open one of the first two Sayang Mmuahh bottles on Malaysian soil. Hope to see many more in Malaysia soon.



portugalvlagThe Euro football championship has ended on 10 July and we congratulate Portugal on their win and all others teams that have participated. It is true that being a part of something is great and if you can bring home a victory, thats the icing on the cake.

It is like our Euro Football consumer competition. Many have participated and we thank all of you for being part of it. It ended also on 10 July and we have now analysed all entries. This means the 24 winners are known and will receive their price in very short time.

First prize is a wine pack of 60 bottles to discover, share and enjoy with your friends and family during summer. Second prize is a 24 bottle wine pack and third prize a 12 bottle wine pack. That leaves us with 21 winners with one bottle each, either the   ::Sayang Block 9 Premium Syrah  or the   ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut  sparkling. 


We will communicate more on  ::Facebook  the coming days. Stay tuned and enjoy the summer !



We love a party and many reasons are good to organize one. So we always encourage people to come together and share delicious food, nice drinks and a great time.

Now whats more fun to cheer for the National Belgium football team at this year's European Championship in France and celebrate their victories? Well, we will see where they end up and how they do but celebrations will be there for sure this June and July.

For Belgium we have developed a consumer competition so not only our national team can score and win, but also you! We have 24 prizes of which the main prize is a 60 bottle wine pack so you can invite all your friends for nice barbies this summer and enjoy your "yummy" cooking with "sayangy" wines. 

::Check it out here or on our social media pages ::https://www.facebook.com/SayangWines 

flyerrecto klein

flyerverso klein



DSC 4607After finalizing the 2015 blends end of January, we let everything to settle and rest. We always monitor current vintages and their depletions in the warehouse. Once they start going below a certain volume, we plan the new bottle runs.

The first ones to change over vintage will be the  ::Sayang River Rosé  and then the   ::Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec  .  

It's always exciting to see new vintages becoming available for our Sayang wine lovers. Next batch of 2015 wines are planned to come by the end of June, and of course we will keep you posted, here and on our social media pages. Follow us there if you care  ::https://www.facebook.com/SayangWines 

For now, spring is here and the sun is shining. Time to invite some friends, crack some bottles of wine, prepare some finger food and have a blast !



webbanner proefpakket 650x300Sayang Wines are getting more known. But as many may start hearing from us, a big number has not tasted our wines yet.  

Exploring the online route, we have put up an online Tasting Kit promotion with an exceptional 25% price cut, containing all 9 Sayang Wines we carry at this moment.

Due to legislation, this promotion only runs in Belgium and is communicated through several online / social media.



New YorkCurious as we are, we participated at a tasting event in New York this month, organized by SUD DE FRANCE. 

It's the first time we got in touch with the States and we will see if we can enchant American importers with our story and range. As things in the world of wines tend to take time, we keep our cool and look forward to establish nice contacts for future's sake. Que sera sera, right ? 

Fingers crossed y'all !




image 4After a busy 2015 year end, we are already moving forward and getting things on the way!

This month we are making the final blends, to make sure your bottle of Sayang keeps up with the quality you expect and deserve. Making the blends is always good fun, but then again... bloody serious stuff. Tasting all the different varieties and selecting the best suited that fit into the style - philosophy and price range. We always tend to go higher and push for the best, but keeping in mind the price range. After all, we want to share our wines with as many people as possible and maintain our image of an accessible and affordable quality brand.

You will find and taste the result in the 2015 vintage bottles that will be launched during the year, one after the other. Exciting month indeed! 




Santa is preparing and all his Rudolf's cant wait to 'fly' out. For some its a freezing cold period, as for other sayangs on the planet it is soothing hot with a slight breeze. No matter where you live, the universal philosophy of Sayang Wines is valid for all.

It has been a wonderful year, with new wine lovers discovering our range of wines. Meanwhile we are preparing already next year and hope to reach even more people.

So thank you for your support and loyalty, we cherish your connection. Enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas and Beachy New Year!

Sayang Wines Best Wishes




DSC 4299As the new 2015 wines are in the last fermenting stage, malolactic for reds, time moves on and we await the day to start blending and playing around. Blending is always a fun but at the same time demanding and crucially important part of the process. 

Once all is defined, we just need to give the wine some time to settle and mature a bit before starting to bottle the first batches. We take into account how the wine is doing and current stock depletions.

At the moment we are bottling our last 2014 wine batches to cover the upcoming months sales, allowing a constant supply to our distributors and ensuring your favorite Sayang wine is always available at your local store.

So we are ready for this year's festive season. Pretty sure you are too soon :-)



banner amphoraWe are performing many many days at events, tastings and fairs this period. And it's wonderful to see people discovering our wines every time again.

We are glad to see a new point of sales teaming up:  ::Amphora Wijnen in Bellegem. Gerland and Helga have taken in 4 wines to start and will highlight them during their open door days in a few weeks time. More info on their event on the events page.

It's nice to see new partners coming along and reaching out to more consumers to share our wines and philosophy. A good October month indeed.



Ok, September started and that means the big wine season is kicking off again.

A good way to start actually, as   ::Sayang Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon   just was awarded a Silver Medal at Mundus Vini in Germany. We tend to send just a few wines each time to a very limited number of competitions. So it's great to see we get good respons from that. It encourages us to go for an excellent quality for an excellent value. So try out the wine one of these days.

                             mundusvini cab13 silver               Wijnkoopgids 2016 cover klein

On the Belgian front, we found out that we score once again in the Top 300 best wines on the Belgian market with 3 wines. This buying guide is released yearly at the end of September and has been around for more than 20 years. Frank Vander Auwera, journalist and editor, gathers professionals and consumers for blind tasting sessions so in all it's a good mix on how winestyles - types - flavours and people are reflected in the market.

All will be revealed soon within a few days. But as far as we know after our whites scored well in previous editions, we have some red in the guide now as well and that makes me a happy man. I will keep you posted for sure, dont worry!  Meanwhile we are in October and the  ::information is available here.



Mmuahh Brut gold-bronze webSometimes we don't always know exactly who drinks our wines and on what occasions. We just hope people will enjoy and have a feeling of well being and celebration.

We found out that famous Red Devil footballer Dries Mertens got married in June and had selected  ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   as pouring sparkling wine. You cannot blame him for picking out a (by all means) "lovely" bottle of bubbly with a golden medal and message, straight from the heart.

Thanks for choosing us and may you be an example for other couples getting married selecting our wines, whatever sport you play :-)



cmb 2015 gold mmuahh IWC-bronze-mmuahh IWC-commended-mm14

What a month is has been. Meeting new motivated importers that are keen on working with your brand is the best. And when on top of that a certain type of mails with a certain type of message hit your inbox.... well that turns a humongous smile on your face.

I am happy to announce that our latest addition to the range,  ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   has struck a Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial Bruxelles. With around 8000 samples sent in and at its 21st edition, this wine competition has taken it's deserved place in the array of competitions organised world wide.  It is with great joy and satisfaction we take our place as the only Vino Spumante rewarded with Gold.

It feels good when people enjoy your wines. And when International judges confirm the quality of your babies, then that is a nice bonus.  After the Concours Mondial in Brussels, the International Wine Challenge awarded Sayang Mmuahh Brut a Bronze Medal and in addition, the  ::2014 Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec    got a nice "Commended".

It encourages us to maintain our style and to convey our philosophy of quality, value for money and an open vision on the world, no matter the origin of the people nor the wine.  ::Overview of awards and accolades

Now lets party and enjoy, do you read my lips ?! :-)



Sayang Wines Wellness Weekend to winIn these modern times, where all is highly competitive and where we aim to get the best out of everything, stress has become part of our daily life. It doesn't always need to be 'bad' stress and sometimes people can even excel from a little kick in the back. Well you know what I mean.

But then again, also in these modern times, there are great ways to let go, keep cool and share quality time with nice people around you.

And that's where we come in. May we offer some nice wine to wind down with your sayang?  And not only that, during the Sayang Wines tasting days on 25-26 April we are organising, you can win a Sayang Wines Wellness Weekend at the coast for 2 people. Enjoy a three course dinner, double room, massage - hydrojet - jacuzzi and a lavish breakfast in the 4 star luxury   ::Hotel Donny  at the Belgian Coast.

Join us at the tasting to get your participation form whilst discovering our whole range of sparkling, whites, rosé and reds. I am pretty sure there is even a very tempting promotion during those days on top.    ::Find out the details of the tasting weekend here

Catch you there!



Prowein 2015 boothMarch is the last month of winter. And as the days go on, the sun pops up more and more and temperatures rise. Also the wine fair temperature goes up, as Prowein in Düsseldorf has now become the world biggest professional wine fair. The whole world strikes down in a fairly small city, all taken into account, to buzz around during three days, tasting - debating and negotiating.

We were part of it and saw it happen. We picked up some new contacts and are confident they will lead to new developments in our humble and step by step expansion. After two full years experience with the brand, we are now ready to take it up to a next level and putting all in place for this purpose.

With some help, determination, hard work and good wine, we are paving our way into the big wide world. Come and join us, after all... there are sayangs all over the world, right ?!




Brussels airport & Sayang WinesYou love wine and you love your Sayang, ofcourse. And let February be the month of love, especially when Valentine shoots its arrows into the hearts of good people around the world.

We are grateful that for this month we have had some lovely news. A   ::great article about our Sayang Mmuahh Brut   appeared on… yes, Valentine’s day in a well reputed newspaper! And we got a listing for three wines at the Crew Shop at Brussels International Airport. 

I hope many crew will discover the Sayang Block 22 Merlot-Malbec, Block 88 Chardonnay and River Rosé and share it with many wine lovers family and friends where ever they fly back home to.  Hello world, nice to get to know you and thanks for getting to know us.




WineryFunny how time flies and boy 2015 is already well underway. And as we look back and try to understand and evaluate the last year, the 2014 vintage components are keen to be blended in the final wines you will be enjoying in due time when we change from one vintage to another.

As two wines depleted quite fast (Sayang River Rosé and Sayang Block 22 Merlot-Malbec), their blend was already made end of 2014 with great satisfaction as to the result. Normally we consider January-February to be the optimum time to start playing around with all tanks and barrels to get the specific Sayang style we go for and you like. By then the fresh and new born wines have had some more time to settle and relax.

2014 shows very well, with fruity notes and very expressional varietal character. The tannins are just perfect, the acidity and elegance show very well and sugar levels were well balanced. Even though climate conditions restricted yields, "quality" was the outcome by good care and selection.

So to round it all up, it's just a matter of little time before we can share the new and promising 2014 wines and show you, once again, the true style and spirit of Sayang. Hear hear !



It's half December and going towards the end of the year. Soon Santa will come and if you are lucky and behaved well during the course of the year, you will be rewarded for sure.

It has been an exciting year again, with new customers coming along as well as consumers finding their way to Sayang Wines. We launched two new products and they were well received.

We cherish all this and send you are best wishes for this festive period, to you and all your sayangs, where ever they are in the world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Xmas card 2014




900-sayang-doos brut met schaduw webAs we are moving towards the end of the year, companies are gradually looking for a nice (business) gift. Now what would be nicer than giving a nice bottle of Sayang wine or Mmuahh Brut sparkling in our new luxury gift box?

But I am pretty sure that in some cases you want to give it a personal touch when it comes to thanking your sayang, co-workers, employees, clients, business contacts with a nice gift.

We have the perfect solution! We have made a sleeve design that fits on one side of the giftbox. If you send in your text and logo, this can be printed and the sleeves are sent to you or your local Sayang Wines supplier. When putting the wines in the gift boxes, simply add on the sleeve with your personal message. How cool and easy is that!

You can get more information from your   ::local Sayang importer you will find here.




tasting eventsOctober has been an exuberant month for us here at Sayang. We recently released the new Sayang Mmuahh Brut, the sparkling addition was warmly embraced by our clients, our 2013 Sayang Ocean White clinched a Silver medal at the MUNDUS VINI International Wine Competition and three of our wines are amongst the Top 300 wines under €10 in Belgium; speaking volumes about our price / quality / value. Find out more on our   ::Awards page.

Wine tasting season is well underway here at Sayang with tasting events going on throughout the week and weekends as well, for both end-consumers and horeca / on trade and wine shop owners. Also Mega Vino is coming up, Belgium's biggest winefair in Brussels. We offer a nice set of wines and look forward to spreading the Sayang message, philosophy and style.

The year has not ended but we are already looking toward the near future – preparing for new markets as well as coming up with cool, new Sayang thingies.
With some luck, lots of hard work and the help of some good people.... I am sure together, we can all make a wonderful world of wine with more happy and fun times to share.




We are happy to announce a new birth in the Sayang family of wines. Actually we were in labour of twins, albeit not identical twins. Please welcome  ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut  and the  ::Sayang Gift Box .

We just couldn't resist to develop as fast as possible an excellent addition to the range, that really complements our assortment at this stage in every possible way. Sayang Mmuahh Brut combines our values of bringing something on a quality level and fun at the same time, in an exciting packaging and with high value for money. 

The Sayang Gift Box features the same spirit and drive to bring something different and cute. It is a one size fits all box that can be used for all Sayang Wines and comes separate from the wines. So depending on your needs and likes, it is a very cool gift to give... and to get, to pack your preferred wine.

Sayang Gift Box   Sayang Mmuahh BrutSayang Mmuahh Brut




Cat out of the bagJuly and August is a bit of a strange period. European businesses slow down by 50% as people take their holidays spread over these two months. Wineries gradually prepare and plan for the harvest to come in September and October whilst nurturing vineyards and grapes and praying to gods for perfect climate conditions.

And here at the Sayang Wines offices, we are preparing in silence for some nice things to come....

It's too early to leave the cat out of the bag, but on 1 September we will be more than happy to announce a few things as these are ever so exciting times. So follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want the news on the spot, since on the Sayang website we display the "What's new" only around half of the month.

So in a nutshell.... August is nothing more than a hardworking month we hush... But (y)our patience will be rewarded as we very very very much look forward to share it all with you on 1 September.



Flight Sayang Wines to AsiaFor those who follow us on Facebook, you might have seen we were hopping around Asia for a few weeks, spreading the word about Sayang Wines.

Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore and Hong Kong were on this trip's drop down list. Whilst it is a tough market out there and Sayang is just the new kid on the block, it's not always that easy to find importers who will give us a chance to explain about who we are, what we do and what message we bring to the world besides the wines.

This being said, some people opened their heart for us and listened to our story, whether an importer or being connected to the wine world in another way. It is so great to get to know these people and interact, share experiences and ofcourse also a nice glass of wine.

It is fun to learn more about local culture, our differences, what unites us and how people connect, as basically people are the same no matter their AOC (origin). This is the spice of life as far as we are concerned. And if we can join in to top it off with some Sayang Wines, how much better can it match - no matter where you live ?



Logo BollaertWe are happy to announce that   ::Wijnhuis Bollaert in Merelbeke Belgium has decided to team up with Sayang Wines. After the presentation for the Sales and Management team some time ago, it was just a matter of waiting for the new 2013 white and rosé vintages to kick in as the 2012 was depleting gradually and about to finish.

That day has come as on 11 June the 2013 Sayang Ocean White, Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier, Sayang Block 88 Chardonnay and Sayang River Rosé saw daylight. Sayang Mountain Red 2013 will follow shortly by the end of the month.  ::Check the wines here.

A special thanks to Luc, Freddy and their team to adopt the full set of Sayang babies and share them with their clients as from now. It's a busy period for them as they are preparing for their new website at the same time.... I can tell you already it will look very nice. Good things come in pair, no?

Duty free shopSky Shops Brussels has decided to take on board the yummy Sayang River Rosé 2013 during it's "Festival du Rosé". It will be available in several shops at Brussels Zaventem National Airport, A and B pier. Holidays already start before being airborn! And it's the new vintage at the same time. Thanks so much Carl-Eric for selecting our wine, thats just awesome.

International Wine Challenge awardWhile May and June are the months where we prepare already things for the "2014 autumn wine season", we are harvesting things this month we already put into motion in the beginning of the year. Sayang Wines got a "Commended" award at the International Wine Challenge for its  ::2010 Sayang Block 9 Premium.

We decided to send in this wine for this year's edition to the competition. We are happy to see that gradually the Sayang wines are being recognised globally. Step by step we will enter our wines into competitions and share our philosophy with wine lovers from where ever they are on this fine wine planet. Meanwhile we hope you will try our wines and will enjoy the values, quality and flavours we stand for.

2010 Sayang Block 9 Premium International Wine Challenge Certificate

I knew there were things in the pipeline. As a producer, you read between the lines of what your importer tells you but you don't really always know exactly what is going on. So it's a matter of time and surprise when you find out that things are actually happening and your wines are getting in the picture. Special thanks to Koen from Spirits Wijnen & Co, who did a wonderful job of promoting Sayang Wines in the restaurants. And a warm thanks too to the restaurants choosing Sayang Wines as one of the selected wines for this exceptional promotion. We are connecting more and more Sayangs, isn't that just awesome?!

Wok Dynasty Wine festival with Sayang Chardonnay           Ming Restaurant Wine festival with Sayang Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier

::Wok Dynasty
::Ming Restaurant

Vinisud BannerMarch is a busy period for the B2B wine industry. The professional fairs are interesting to meet exisiting contacts and get to know new ones. First was Vinisud in Montpellier France at the very end of February. It gathers all wine producing regions surrounding the Mediteranean Sea, including Portugal. We spent 1,5 days enjoying good meetings and great wines. Sunday and Monday was sunny and warm. By the time it was Tuesday, rain started to pour. A sign that it was about time to go home.

Prowein flagNext on the list is Prowein in Düsseldorf Germany on 23-25 March. This fair has seen a steady growth over the last years and is becoming a landmark. It is very centrally located within Europe, easyly accesible by all means of transport and pretty well organised. We will be there meeting up and talking about the full range of Sayang Wines. Let me know if you are there, we can share a glass. Meanwhile we are already thinking about new things, but we keep it to ourselves until it's ready to share. Follow our Facebook, Twitter and What's New page on the website to keep track of us.

Blending fun

We just made the final blends for the 2013 wines. Going through the series of components, selecting and balancing, it can bring heavy discussions on subtle differences. But at the end it brings out the best of all, true to the style of the brand, the flavor profile of the wine.

With the late harvesting due to the roller coaster weather patterns throughout the year, grapes got in one month later than normal. Yet thanks to the sunny warm last month before harvest, things fell into place with a great quality as a result. All in all, this will make us bottle later as what we are used to, giving the wines the right time to mature and settle. We consider it as a reward of patience.

WBISI am packing my bags. Don't worry, I am not leaving you guys. It's just that Sayang is participating at the  ::2014 'Wine Business Innovation Summit'  on January 18-19 in Munich.

The first edition of the Wine Business Innovation Summit was held on Saturday 19th January 2013 in Brussels, attracting figures from across the globe. It took the world of wine by storm. A new type of event, #WBIS combined highly interesting discussions and round-tables with a spotlight for wine business start-ups and a free tasting and networking event. We were intruiged by the concept and participated at the event back then.

Just starting up at that time and overloaded with things going on, we felt the timing wasn't right to also think about entering the  ::WBIS Business Award  competition. Temptation to enter this year's competition could not be left unattended as at Sayang we try to be a bit different, innovate step by step and get the message through.

So here we are, ready to present the Sayang brand, concept and wines to a broad keen wine business audience and to a jury of wine professionals during a two days summit. It is fun to share with others and learn. And if we should turn out to win the competition, hey.... then thats a cool bonus. I will update after the WBIS weekend.

UPDATE: I had a great weekend. In the end we didn't get the first place on the award part but that's quite ok. The well deserved winner is Andre from Portugal with his innovative concept of the Smart Glass with RFID (radio frequency) tag that allows you to easily get information and much more when you just swipe the glass over the scanner during tastings. I am sure we will hear more from it in the near future. Well done Andre !

Sayang Wines started up end of last year, so it is fair to say that we are ending our first year at the end of this month. We enjoyed the path that brought us clients, apprecation, encouragement, support, new contacts and good fun along the hard work.

I want to thank all people that helped us, as a consumer buying our wines or people supporting us in any other form, for all they have done as to get where we are now today. From the bottom of my heart, thanks and enjoy this festive period with your friends and family, your true Sayangs.

Best wishes     Christmas card Sayang Wines

VineFrance's 2013 vintage started hopeful but as spring turned to be rather humid and chilly in compared to other years, budding and flowering took 2 to 3 weeks longer to get on track. On top of that, June surprised many regions with stormy destructive hail, ruining a fair amount of vineyards all over france. Languedoc-Roussillon however got lucky to escape from the ordeal.

With all this, harvest started late. In fact it took up to 4 weeks longer to get certain varietals in, making it one of the longest taking harvests in decades. Despite the very mixed weather patterns, the region got blessed with an Indian summer in September with temperatures around 30° during the day. As far in the season at that time, nights cooled off already, ensuring a nice balance and acidity. The odd September-October shower refreshed the vineyards and the Tramontane winds kept it all clean and dry overall.

2013 shows a rather high acidity level but taking time and the advantage of the lees, whites and rosés balance very well the generous fruity juice. For the reds, the malolactic fermentation did wonders producing expressive wines, showing typical varietal characters, generous and mouth filling. If the quality levels are maintained, the yields however have not. Depending on the grape, volumes are poor or average.

In a few months time when all has settled, we will assess and start making the blends. Getting excited already !

Sayang productionThis week we will bottle our last 2012 Sayang Ocean White and Mountain Red wines. As we try to keep the wines as fresh as possible, this bottlerun will secure us to have enough stock until we will bottle the 2013 vintage we are nurturing now and release it at the perfect period next year. Fermentation and wine making are well underway and things look good at the moment so far.   

Other than that, we are looking at an event in Germany in January and will let you know more next month when all is confirmed. Time is flying now with tastings all over and promoting the brand in the market. Have a look at the ::events page and don't hesitate to drop in at one of the tasting days. Information is regularly updated.

We are also very happy to announce that Wijnhandel Paul Van Dinter in Belgium has selected a few Sayang Wines to complement his portfolio. They will be launched at his tasting event in November. You will find the details on the events page later this month, as well as on the storelocator. 

lex07The autumn wine season is kicking off and things are moving for Sayang Wines. We have been selected as wine brand for the businessgift industry. Businessgift companies are always on the lookout for innovative items and new stuff coming on the market. We are very happy to have been selected by Lexsellent Belgium and Heldacon to be in their wine category. We showcased the wines at their B2B fair. Interesting to have their clients actually have the chance to taste what they will give as a businessgift. It helps us to have an even broader brand visibility and availability in the corporate market.

MegavinoSayang Wines will be welcoming wine lovers at the biggest winefair in Belgium: ::Megavino. From 18 untill 22 October, we will present the brand and the whole range to its give and take 25000 event visitors. We will also conduct a VIP tasting on monday for the on-trade. More details to follow shortly.

brutlogWe love summer, as much as we love to announce we have a new local wineshop that has listed Sayang Wines: Brut.

Brut is situated in the Limburg province in Belgium and took on board the full range of 8 Sayang wines we have at this stage. Check them out on the   :: Store Locator   page. "Brut" has some great Cava in portfolio, hence the company name, and Sayang blends in well thanks to the modern and quality vision Brut applies to its portfolio!

Logo Spirits Wijnen & CoThe summer breeze is doing us well. It's a great way of enjoying life with friends, food and some yummy wine along the way. Explore the atmosphere of travelling Oceans, Rivers and Mountains with the newly launched international line.

Sayang billboard at Spirits Wijnen & Co wine shopAs we are growing step by step, you will be able to find them at new partners who distribute Sayang Wines. We are happy to start working with Spirits Wijnen & Co in Belgium, who has a good spread of on-trade clients. So people will start seeing and discovering Sayang Wines in more and more restaurants. Check them out on the   :: Store Locator   page. The wine shop features our first outside billboard, thanks guys! Looks absolutely great, well done !

Sayang River RoséAfter launching Sayang Ocean White and Sayang Mountain Red in March, Sayang Wines welcomes a new member to the family:  ::Sayang River Rosé . Speaking about a threesome!

This new wine complements what we call the "international range" and fits perfectly our offering. Eight months after we introduced ourselves to the market, this is our wine nr 8. After the first babysteps, we are starting to walk and find our path in the global wine world.

So for this time being, sit back and relax. Enjoy the new River Rosé during a warm sunny day or evening, with a bunch of great people or ... with your dearest 'sayang'.

VinexpoIn June, the wine world gathers at Vinexpo. Sayang Wines will be there to meet with you and show the full range and the new vintages of Block 22 and 88 wines.

::More info here .

Sayang WinesSayang Wines is a very young, new born baby really. We are on the market for 7 months. Hence we are looking towards different countries to present our wines.

So much as we went to Germany in March, we are aiming our arrows to London now. In the light of London International Wine Fair during this month, many buyers are gathering there and looking for new things on the market.

We will not have a booth at the fair itself, but will be present at the Winestars World event on friday 17 May and show the new vintages of our Block 22 and 88 wines.

At the same time, we are preparing a summer promotion in Belgium for the new Sayang Ocean White and Mountain Red for the on trade. Already looking forward to sip a nice glass of Sayang on a lovely terrace with friends and some sunny weather... You too?


Tasting events are being held fiercely these days, so we are on 'promoting mode' and hope to bump into you somewhere during the events we take part in. It is also time to bottle our 2012 Block 22 and Block 88 wines.

The quality is the same, if not better. The Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier is showing its crispy and fruity characters as we like and know them. The Block 22 Merlot - Malbec shows very well. As the 2012 malbec is quite strong and has a good set of tannins, we slightly modified the blend and decided to go for a 70% Merlot - 30% Malbec blend, where as last year we married 65% Merlot with 35% Malbec. The 2012 is juicy with great structure and shows lots of fruit character.

The Block 88 Chardonnay has not changed, as it keeps its refined style and well balanced wood integration. The Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon was picked just a little bit less ripe than last year. The great result of that is an even more refined structure and elegance we look for. All in all, we will soon switch over and hope you will discover the new vintages consequently in your local winestore or at your importer.

We are happy to see that Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec was listed as red banquet wine at three star Michelin restaurant De Karmeliet in Brugge - Belgium, during the month of April. How cool is that ?!


We are counting the days. Counting the days for our International debut at Prowein in Düsseldorf and also for launching the new wines, the commerical line of Sayang.

All will be revealed on 24 March, but for our faithful followers, we will give a scoop on 23 March already on this website and through our social media. I think thats only fair, wouldn't you agree?

I will be supported at the fair by Willem and Katja. Together we will make a strong team and will be ready to welcome wine professionals from around the world. Sayang Wines are also in the free tasting zone at Prowein, so for those who do not know us yet, they will have the chance to bump into us by good fortune. Mind you, some of our wines got rewarded by a special tasting competition for Prowein, by Messe Düsseldorf and Weinwirtschaft. Check our awards section.

And as always, we still have some things up our sleeves, but we will let you know in the next month's edition.

update 25/03:
Sayang Wines got into the top twenty finalist of the Winestars World competition at Prowein 2013. Read the details here


In February all importers are starting to prepare the new spring season. Talking to existing producers, visiting wine fairs, looking at new brands and wineries starting up, gathering information for new catalogues,.... Hence here at Sayang Wines we are in prospecting mode, exploring new contacts and possible collaborations. The result of that will show in April when new catalogues and spring tastings are being held. We will update our Store locator, What's new and Event webpages by then.

We are also preparing a folder to be printed in March and launched at Prowein, the professional wine fair in Germany. Things are getting pretty good underway, the design is great and it explains all about the brand and the current wines. Soon to be revealed on our social media pages.

We also got an article in a Belgian Magazine, we display on the press section.


We hope you had a great party to celebrate and welcome this new year 2013. January is a busy month with interesting things going on.

The Wine Professional wine fair in Amsterdam went very well and the Fourcroy Nederland commercial team and management did a great job introducing Sayang Wines to the Dutch wine professionals, wine shops, restaurants and hotels. The feedback on the wines was overwelmingly positive. Check our facebook page for some pictures.

We had a full day of tasting on 14 January, selecting the 2012 components and making series of blends as to get the best wine for each range. The yields are low due to the unfavourable climat conditions but working hard in the vineyards and nurturing them as much as possible has paid off and resulted in excellent quality. We will switch to the 2012 wines early spring, we are excited already.
Sayang at France Vins Brussels
On 21 January, Sopexa organised a professional wine fair in Brussels for France Vins. Sayang was present and happy to spread the word of this new born brand. We look forward to work together with some of the contacts we made during the fair. Spring announces the new wine sales season and is the introduction period, so the period of the fair is excellent. More pics.


December is the most festive month of the year. The Christmas and new year period has a special atmosphere and wineshops need extra hands to advice, service and deliver all in time.

Meanwhile we look further down the road and started preparing for 2013. We enlisted to showcase Sayang Wines at two professional wine fairs: France-Vins in Brussels in January and Prowein in Düsseldorf in March. Taken apart the prospecting trip to Asia in November, 2013 will be Sayang Wines' real international debut.

Other than that, we have shipped a first batch of wines to The Netherlands and we are looking forward to a Sayang Wines jumpstart as of January 2013 into the Dutch market. I get the feeling that there is a lot in the pipeline for next year, exciting times ahead indeed.


AsiaIn November we are touring in Asia and visiting some countries, such as Singapore - Thailand - Malaysia and Taiwan.

So far the first response was good and we hope to go deeper in talks soon. It is always nice to meet new people in the industry and interact. We had a great wine dinner yesterday with some people and the 5 Sayang wines were very well accepted and matched the food perfectly.

We hope to be able to share Sayang wines with the Asian wine lovers in due (short) time.


Our first client Axybel in Belgium launches Sayang wines with their open doors autumn tasting. The wines were well received and savoured by a mixed crowd of private consumers and restaurant holders.


As all 5 wines are very different from eachother, everybody could find their preferred wine to match their personal style and taste. Apparently the Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier scored as best and ranked the sales numbers.


It proves the excellent price/quality level the wine is on and the refreshing new blend was for many a nice new experience. In all a nice first introduction towards the public.


Sayang WinesAfter many months of preparation, careful thinking, improving and finally giving green light, we are happy to give birth to this new wine baby. Available on the market as from 1 September, we start presenting ourselves and introducing these fine wines to the wide world.

We hope you will like the wines and will enjoy them to the fullest, sharing them with friends, family, colleagues and partners. We also invite you to explore the website and get acquainted with our brand, philosophy and wines.

Come and check the site regularly as for some sections, the information will come in due time as we will be getting more known by the press or through international wine competitions. Alternatively, you may follow us on our facebook pages and share them with other wine lovers and friends around the world.

Nice to see you


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