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Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier


Top 300 best wines under € 10,00 in Belgium for the 2013
Top 300 best wines under € 10,00 in Belgium for the 2014


This Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc – Viognier will surprise you by its crispy elegance and fruit driven character. The subtle integration of rich exotic peachy Viognier complements the elegant aroma's of zesty Sauvignon Blanc and white flowers. Medium bodied, this fine wine will provide you a nice lasting mouth sensation.


Enjoy this wine as a standalone drink as well as an aperitif with finger food, starters, seafood, salads, steam rice dishes, goat cheese, sushi and grilled fish. Serve at 8° C.

What you would like to know more:
This is a French,  Languedoc Roussillon, Pays d'Oc IGP Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier wine with a chalk and clay terroir and no oak.

What people note down during tasting:

A pale yellow colour with hints of green.
Intense and expressing nose with grapefruit, lime, apricot, white flowers and tropical fruits. Straightforward vivid attack on the palate, balanced, wide, ample and smooth. A medium long, mouth-watering fruity end that makes you want to order a second glass.

What winemakers did
Skin maceration before pressing. Maceration before cold settling for Sauvignon blanc, cold settling for Viognier. Temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts. Ageing on lees with regular stirring. Cleaning - racking before Christmas.


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