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Languedoc-RoussillonLanguedoc Roussillon covers the area on the border of the Mediterranean sea between the west of the Rhône and Camargue to the border of Spain and the Pyrénées mountains.

Long history of wine making and favourable natural and climatic conditions explain why wine is so important in Languedoc Roussillon. Hence we considered this region could provide us a great opportunity to go for some great varietal wines and excellent modern blends.

Pierrick, our winemaker, is a young French guy with an open view on the world, wine and people. Determined to cater to the best to the Sayang style and philosophy, we carefully select vineyards, tanks and barrels together to decide on the final wines and blends.

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Wines from this area: Vin de France 
:: Sayang Ocean White  
:: Sayang River Rosé      
:: Sayang Mountain Red

Wines from this area: IGP Pays d'Oc
:: Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc – Viognier

:: Sayang Block 22 Merlot – Malbec

:: Sayang Block 88 Chardonnay

:: Sayang Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines from this area: AOP La Livinière Minervois

:: Sayang Block 9 Premium

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