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For pizza, we recommend  ::Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec . It is a wine that will match any kind of pizza, especially stone floor baked pizza's.  ::Sayang Ocean White  ,  ::Sayang River Rosé  and  ::Sayang Mountain Red  will match perfectly lighter pizza dishes.

For cheeses, the world is divided in two groups. One group swears with red wine for cheeses, another group swears with white wines for cheeses. Either way, go for the  ::Sayang Block 88 Chardonnay  and the  ::Sayang Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon . Why don't you try both and find out what group you belong to. For us, we love both wines and according the wine craving of the moment, we go for either one. Or why not both.

For dishes that come with sauces, we can give you these guidelines:


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