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prowein banner 2018Prowein remains the place to be for wine professionals around the globe. It is up to importers to find the little hidden gems along the vast list of existing contacts and arrays of offerings by classic or innovative producers! 

We blend in and enjoy meeting interesting people who appreciate things of beauty, of taste,... who love to dare a different approach to wine, philosophy, concept or market. 

Come and say hi on 18-19-20 March at the generic Pays d'Oc booth. H11E86 is my meeting point. Best is to drop us a little mail with your preferred date and time.   ::Mail us here   for more information and meeting request.

Looking forward!


header desk enDusseldorf is yet again the wine world center stage in March. With its humongous "Prowein",  this city is bound to be crowded beyond believe. Goes without say that it is not only packed with people but also with bottles of wine. So hey, what do we do ? We join in! 

It is always nice to meet new people, so we are glad to catch up there, whatever part of the globe you are from.
 Meeting is easy on 19-20-21 March. H11K80 is my meeting point. Best is to drop us a little mail with your preferred date and time and we will set it up.   ::Mail us here   for more information and meeting request.

Catch you soon!


prowein2016Yes it is Prowein time again soon. Time flies and so do we. What about you? Keen on getting to know us better? Buckle up and drive down to Düsseldorf.

We look forward to meeting you, no matter what part of the world you are from.
 For this year's edition we have a meeting point on 13 and 14 March. Do send us a little mail what time on those two days is most convenient for you to talk over a glass of wine and we will be there with open arms.   ::Mail here   to set the meeting and to know the meeting point.

Catch you soon!


ProweinWe are back! As last year we didn't manage to get a booth at the worlds largest professional wine show, we tried our best to get hold of it for this years   ::Prowein   event in Düsseldorf, Germany.

We are pleased to welcome you at HALL 11 E212 in the French hall and showcase our range and latest vintages. Come and taste, discover the different lines as there are: International - Block 22 - Block 88 - Block 9 and last but not least our sparkling Sayang Mmuahh Brut.

Drop in or make an appointment. Let me know when is most convenient for you.   ::Send a mail here   to set the meeting and talk over a nice glass of wine.



ProweinAs much as we would have wanted, for this year's edition we were not able to get a stand at Prowein 2014. The main halls are fully booked and a waiting list for other halls was no option.

Either way, we will be there and look forward to meeting our contacts from all over the world.
If you are heading to Prowein, simply come to the meeting point. Let me know when is most convenient for you.   ::Send a mail here   to set the meeting and know the meeting point.

Catch you there!


WBIS 2014 MunichAt Sayang we try to be a bit different, innovate step by step and get the message through.

Hence we have been selected to participate at the 2014
'Wine Business Innovation Summit' on January 18-19.

One of the highlights of the programme will be the #WBIS Business Awards sessions where we will hear from start-ups in the wine world looking to share their business ideas. As such we entered the competition and will present the Sayang brand, concept and wines to a broad keen wine business audience and to a jury of wine professionals.

It is fun to share with others and learn. And if we should turn out to win the competition, then thats a bonus.


ProweinSayang is on the international move. Visit us at Prowein 2013, March 24-26, in Hall 6 E03. It's our international debut on the world's professional wine fairs.

We will showcase the brand and the wines. Professionals can drop in, come and say hi, taste the wines, savour the atmosphere and indulge our philosophy. We welcome you!


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