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"Although wine critiquing is not my most developed skill (I prefer quiet indulgence), SAYANG deserves a personal note of appreciation. I was blessed to be among the first people to taste the blends. And if I was for years a wine lover who enjoyed big robust wines, I have come to appreciate the subtle elegance of wines that have finesse - rather than the muscle-neck wines. People say I’m tough to impress when it comes to wine. Maybe because I expect most wine to be good these days.  But good isn’t good enough anymore, it needs to be interesting.  And in the end, very little of the wine that I had the opportunity to try was truly interesting. The SAYANG wines on the other hand convinced my friends, wine lovers and me effortlessly. Personally, I like the crispy elegance of the medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier blend and will definitely choose for the well balanced Block 9 Premium Syrah to accompany my Irish rib eye steak."

Kurt Thys, CEO, Str8 Communication Company, Belgium

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