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And what is our logo all about?

DSC 4476We thought our logo should be easy to recognise, attractive yet stylish and elegant. You might think it is a crown, and meanwhile you have let us know many other interpretations.

So, what could we link to our brand name and our little baseline twist? If you look carefully, you will see we designed an hibiscus flower. It symbolises our love and care for good wine and for good people, as we all unite it here, no matter the origin of the wine or... you. You will find sayangs all over the world and will be able share good things.

And at the end, as it so happened, the hibiscus flower turned out to be the national flower of Malaysia, the country where one speaks the language our brand name was derived from. And it all came full circle.

How did we translate this philosophy into a wine brand and what does the word Sayang mean?


Sayang is a Malaysian / Indonesian word meaning 'dear' - 'darling' - 'love - 'care'. We care about good wine, as we care about good people, no matter their origin. It is an important word that comes from the heart. Your sayang is the one you love, you cherish. It is universal to all people around the world.  We bring together all good wines and all good people in a human philosophy. Even though we are very serious about quality, wine is fun and made to be enjoyed and shared. We feel wine is a way of life, a way of embracing what our earth can finely give to its people.

Sayang Wines, designed by (human) nature

We have a clear style, elegance and finesse as for all finer things in life. 
Therefore, we encourage you to share Sayang wines with your partner, family, friends and colleagues. Select the best suited wine for the occasion from the ranges we create. We like to feel one with our customers. Hence we pay attention to your participation and involvement. Share with us your thoughts and the fine moments you have had with our wines. Follow us and other Sayang lovers on our social media pages. You will see what it is all about.


Meanwhile feel free to 

Enjoy our 'International line', Sayang Ocean White - River Rosé - Mountain Red

Sayang wines

Discover our 'Sayang Block 22' unwooded wines

Express yourself with our 'Sayang Block 88' wooded wines

Indulge yourself with the 'Sayang Block 9 Premium' terroir wine 


Who is behind Sayang?

Bruno Buelens - Sayang WinesThe Sayang wines and brand were conceived by Bruno Buelens, a Belgian wine lover and marketeer in the business since 1992. After several challenging career steps in wine sales - marketing and communication management, and having worked with small boutique wineries, grand cru classé chateaux as well as with international brands, the time was ripe to give birth to a series of wines expressing his profound feelings and ideas about wine.

Together with dynamic and open minded wine makers, we bring the best of both worlds: excellent quality wines and a modern and open approach towards traditional values of fine wine making.

I hope you will enjoy our philosophy and share your thoughts and the fine moments you have had with my wines. Follow Sayang and other Sayang lovers on Facebook and Twitter.


Bruno Buelens

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