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nieuwsbladsayang 140719We put on a big smile today. Sayang Wines got a very nice press review in one of the major Belgian newspapers, Het Nieuwsblad. The big weekend edition featured Sayang's 2013 whites and rosé, freshly on the market, gradually replacing its 2012 predecessor in the shops.

I love the article because it not only describes and judges the wines highly, but it also explains the brand, the brand name origin and the ethos behind it in a fun easy reading style. Four out of five stars for three of the four wines, how's your maths ?  :-)

Now, is that not a great start of a long Belgian holiday weekend with 21 July being Belgium's National Day? Click on the image for the PDF and start reading. I assure you it's mouthwatering, or better mouthwinering...? Cheers !

::  More information on the 2013 wines?


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