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300 best 2014 Ocean White 2012 small LR300 best 2014 cover LRWe are delighted to see Sayang Wines' 2012 Ocean White appear in the 26th edition of the yearly buying guide of Frank Van der Auwera: The 300 best wines under 10 euro in the Belgian market.

"Sayang Ocean White, Grenache Blanc - Sauvignon Blanc 2012. In today's globalised wine market, it's cool to see that not only massive and money loaded groups of American - Australian - French - Spanish or Italian origin launch wine brands in the market. Step by step a Belgian guy is apparently taking his little piece of the wine market puzzle, like with this Sayang Wines brand. The rather unique blend of two varietals, from the vast area of Languedoc-Roussillon but without specific AOC and therefore 'condemned' to Vin de France, has seen no wood whatsoever and aims for fresh, crisp, up-front fruit.

Really brilliant straw yellow colour, a floral & white fruit bouquet where the grenache blanc leads the way: pear - white peach - iris. Funny enough, it's the sauvignon blanc that takes over and gets it all together to make the blend lively and crisp with fruity impressions of lime and grapefruit. All in all, a fun fruity blend that shows perfectly that an 'AOC' is not a dogma, as long as the blending is done in a professional way. Serve at 7°-8° C."

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