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Citta article 161022 Sayang WinesNewspapers have had a separate and additional weekend magazine for some time now as to write about life style, rather than the hard facts of life's daily misery around the local church tower and in the rest of the world.

'CITTA' is that magazine of the Belgian newspaper 'Gazet van Antwerpen'. We have the pleasure of featuring in this weekend's edition, 22-23 October 2016. Here the journalist explains about Sayang being a small 'gem brand' amongst the big conglomerates and mass production wine groups and brands, and quotes us on our philosophy - bringing the old traditional world in a modern new world way.

We are very happy to see our entry level 2015 Sayang Mountain Red score a pretty 15 points out of 20. Well, who are we to argue with that because it is indeed a very yummy wine, displaying our style and quality level we maintain overall. And even if our Sayang Block 9 Premium Syrah is a 2010 vintage and marks it's 6th birthday this month, it is still alive and kicking with pure elegance and finesse. A true wine to discover and enjoy during your lovely meal.

So why don't you find out for yourself at your local wine shop. After all, the best wine is the wine you like best, right ? :-)  

Cheers and have a great weekend ! 


artikel marc gillis mmuahh kleinWhat a nice surprise receiving a mail beginning of May 2016, telling me an article was published in ::Jeroboam Magazine about our lovely ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut. Marc Gillis, founder and editor of the magazine and his web site The International Wine college, bumped into our sparkling wine near the end of last year at a winefair and was pleasantly surprised about the wine and the story.

In his article he highlights the way we made this festive bubbly, the different touch and the yummy taste. Who are we to argue ?  :-)

Discover it for yourself and get hold of a bottle in your local shop. Happy to share the experience with all our sayangs out there.

Cheers and have a great weekend ! 


thetaste ierlandLast January we visited Dublin Ireland and participated at a tasting event. We got nice comments about the wines and some visitors digged into our story and philosophy. When you see that all falls into place and we get the message across, it is actually very easy to feel and understand what we show, as  a person, as  a brand, as a style and as a wine.

So hey, we are very happy we got featured in this ::online article at "The Taste" , an Irish online food & drink portal, reflecting on the event and cherry picking on what was showcased. 

As Suzy wrote, yummy.... was the word, her's as much as mine I guess. Thanks so much Suzanne, hope to be back soon :-)



wijnkanaalWinter has finally really started here and it's getting pretty cold, snowy and dark. Actually, we prefer some sun and a light breeze, you can imagin.

The ::online article at "Wijnkanaal" , a Belgian online wine portal, released some days ago therefore feels double heart warming during these gloomy days. 

We want to share our story with people from around the world. After all, we care about good people as we care about good wines, no matter the origin of both.



culinaire ambiance 201508 mmuahh kleinAre we ready for the upcoming wine season? Yes we are!

And so is one of the best culinary magazines of Belgium, Culinaire Ambiance. Alain Bloeykens, wine journalist known from newspaper-magazine-radio and TV, selected  ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   as one of his little gems for the September issue.

"This bottle is a fun new wine within the Sayang Wines range, since some time available on the Belgian market. After the Languedoc whites, rosé and reds, this Italian Veneto sparkling teams up at its best. The name in itself alone, Mmuahh - the phonetic writing that stands for a kiss, makes you want to try it and what is inside the bottle is top. 70% chardonnay and 30% pinot blanc is an unseen blend but it works prettu good. It's not only us that think so, this wine instantly got a Golden Medal at the Concours Mondial du Vin a few months ago. Not sweet but some sweetish fruit impressions make it a perfect match for strawberry carpaccio with mint pesto. Refined bubbles, abundant white fruit, brioche, toast, crispy minerality in a perfect balance. Ripe fruit, peach, apricot, pineapple, mango, good length and depth and crisp all along the way. Don't serve too cold to get the best fruit impressions."

Well, if that doesn't make one happy, what can?
We care about good wine and we care about good people. So enjoy this yummy bottle of bubbly with your circle of good friends and family at any occasion you can imagine. I bet you will have a great time.   ::Where to find ?


De standaard magazine 150214 mmuahh kleinToday 14 February is Valentine day, so it is a special day. And our Sayang Mmuahh Brut is a somewhat special wine too. So is it sheer luck or just good fortune we got this cute article about our bubbly on this festive lovers day?

De Standaard is a well reputed Belgian newspaper and its weekend 'Magazine' features our newest kid on the block:   ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   as wine of the week with 4 stars. Isn't that just awesome?

"Melon, pears, brioche, yeast in the nose. Light yellow green colour, sparkling a multitude of fine bubbles. Elegant, medium bodied, crispy white stone fruit and juicy acidity. Good length with a delicate little bitter touch. Great as an aperitif and 'tapas' (fingerfood) with seafood."

I guess there is no way back. Share this loveable bottle of bubbly with your own sayang and make him or here feel the magic of this wonderful day, or any other day during the year ofcourse.

Enjoy !

unizo mmuahh 150122We always think that being picked up by journalists or magazines/newspapers should or would be destined to the hotel - restaurant business and wine lovers. In most cases that is absolutely true.

But in this case, our Sayang Mmuahh Brut was picked up by a magazine called ZO, destined to entrepreneurs and small to midsized companies in the Belgian market. UNIZO is an organisation that supports, defends and represents exactly these types of businesses.

So hey, isn't it just cool of them to present Sayang to other people that also try to stand out with their innovative ideas, quality concepts and turn all of that into a proper business?

Thanks ZO for sharing our Sayang Mmuahh with your readers and as the title displays... 'Say it with bubbles'

Cheers !


nieuwsbladsayang 140719We put on a big smile today. Sayang Wines got a very nice press review in one of the major Belgian newspapers, Het Nieuwsblad. The big weekend edition featured Sayang's 2013 whites and rosé, freshly on the market, gradually replacing its 2012 predecessor in the shops.

I love the article because it not only describes and judges the wines highly, but it also explains the brand, the brand name origin and the ethos behind it in a fun easy reading style. Four out of five stars for three of the four wines, how's your maths ?  :-)

Now, is that not a great start of a long Belgian holiday weekend with 21 July being Belgium's National Day? Click on the image for the PDF and start reading. I assure you it's mouthwatering, or better mouthwinering...? Cheers !

::  More information on the 2013 wines?


300 best 2014 Ocean White 2012 small LR300 best 2014 cover LRWe are delighted to see Sayang Wines' 2012 Ocean White appear in the 26th edition of the yearly buying guide of Frank Van der Auwera: The 300 best wines under 10 euro in the Belgian market.

"Sayang Ocean White, Grenache Blanc - Sauvignon Blanc 2012. In today's globalised wine market, it's cool to see that not only massive and money loaded groups of American - Australian - French - Spanish or Italian origin launch wine brands in the market. Step by step a Belgian guy is apparently taking his little piece of the wine market puzzle, like with this Sayang Wines brand. The rather unique blend of two varietals, from the vast area of Languedoc-Roussillon but without specific AOC and therefore 'condemned' to Vin de France, has seen no wood whatsoever and aims for fresh, crisp, up-front fruit.

Really brilliant straw yellow colour, a floral & white fruit bouquet where the grenache blanc leads the way: pear - white peach - iris. Funny enough, it's the sauvignon blanc that takes over and gets it all together to make the blend lively and crisp with fruity impressions of lime and grapefruit. All in all, a fun fruity blend that shows perfectly that an 'AOC' is not a dogma, as long as the blending is done in a professional way. Serve at 7°-8° C."

::More information on the wine?


Vinomagazine Belgium October 2013 issueSayang Wines' 2012 Ocean White and Mountain Red were selected by Belgiums Vinomagazine as amongst the 12 new discoveries in their October issue. Only the 12 best get a place.

Regarded as "Easy drinking, pure, crisp, pleasant, without any pretention. Balanced attack on the palet holding enough fruit, it is a wine to enjoy as an aperitif or paired with tapa's or sea food.", this Ocean White has a great value for its price.

"Crispy red and black fruit, herbs and bay leaf. Easy drinking in the mouth, round and slick. Light structure. Every dish pairing wine.", this Mountain Red is described as the wine was meant to be, highly enjoyable for a broad audience and a broad type of cuisines.

Click on image for download.
::More information on the wines?


Wijnplein is a Dutch online wine blog, written by Jan Rook.  Jan visited the Fourcroy Nederland wine tasting event on 9 September at the Miele Inspirience Center and came in touch with Sayang Wines.

He wrote about the event and next to some fine collegues, we feature halfway the article.
:: http://www.wijnplein.nl/2013najaarsproeverij.php

Gradually we are getting known better in Holland. Thanks Jan for picking us up.



Smaak article Belgium July 2013Smaak is an upmarket culinary magazine published in Belgium. It appears 4 times per year and features articles about the finer culinary things in life. Containing recipes, information about ingredients and restaurants, it portraits exquisit culinary photography.

::2011 Sayang Block 88 Chardonnay was, amongst others, selected to pair Sole with Truffle and Salsify. "Light golden color, ripe citrus, pineapple, apple, cinnamon and flowers in the nose. Rich and creamy in the mouth. Well structured and balanced. Serve at 8 to 9° C. Store up to 2016."

More information about Smaak:

Smaak cover July-August-September

Het Laatste Nieuws June 2013Het Laatste Nieuws is a big daily newspaper in Belgium. Sometimes they include en 'Xtra Magazine' on a friday or in the weekend. This article featured on 7 june 2013, in the Summer Selection of 40 wines, going from sparkling to white, rosé to red.

The wines have an "international style, and the subtle blend of exotic rich peach flavour of the viognier and the fresh crisp sauvignon blanc make it an aromatic harmony. It is easy and refined, and has enough power to accompany finger food, salads, seafood and fish."

Click here for PDF download.


Uitmagazine Februari 2013Uit Magazine is a life style magazine from VTB-VAB, a Belgian motoring association that is into quality travelling, food & wine and all about cars and mobility. The magazine is issued monthly.

I see the wines are being described as modern, full flavoured, expressive and elegant, all in the same style. I couldn't agree more. Enjoy.

Click here for PDF download.

Culinaire Ambiance article December 2012Culinaire Ambiance is a culinary magazine that is issued monthly and focusses on the finer delights of the culinary world.

We are very happy to be picked up by the magazine and to be surrounded by wonderful food, recipes and 'ambiance' for the most festive month of the year, December.

Click on the picture for PDF download.


Jelle De Roeck is a Belgian wine blogger, who started wine blogging in 2010 and has a weekly post. In July 2013 he started his first video blog and guess what. By complete surprise and at random his first video blog featured   :: 2012 Sayang Mountain Red .

So I guess this is our first   :: Sayang video blog.  
Certainly I wanna share this with all of you.

Jelle was spot on, Cabernet for 50% dominates the general flavour sensation, 45% carignan and 5% grenache complementing the blend with fruity spicy add ons. It is easy to drink, not too heavy and perfect to share with friends and family as a daily, party and banquet wine. You will find it in wine shops in Belgium well below the 10 euro price point mentioned!



Vino Magazine Sayang Wines October 2012

Vino Magazine, widely known and spread around wine lovers in Belgium, is the first to mention Sayang Wines in a magazine in Belgium.

Click on the picture for PDF download.


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