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Sayang Wines is making its international debut at Prowein 2013. Prowein is one of the most important professional wine trade fairs in the world and welcomes wine professionals in Dusseldorf Germany. In collaboration with Weinwirtschaft Trade Magazine, Dusseldorf Messe organises a central tasting area and ranking. This years theme was "varietal wines containing at least 85% of the major grape varietal".

Our Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec being excluded from participating due to the blend of 65%-35%, we are happy to see Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier, Block 88 Chardonnay and Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon being awarded a certificate for outstanding participation in the trade area of Prowein 2013 "fashionable and leading varieties".

Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier  Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 88 Chardonnay  Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon

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