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cover 300 17The wine season has started again. It's the perfect time for the famous wine buying guide  "The best 300 wines below 10 euro in Belgium" to pop up in the market and the stores. Especially for those wine lovers out there who want to do some great picks.

Once again, overall we scored very very well with all our wines. Pity the list is limited to 300 and not 400  :-) . But we are very happy our cheapest white wine features once again in this handy book. Our 2016 Ocean White gets a great and very accurate description from the well known author and journalist Frank Vander Auwera. 

Please find the brief translation hereunder. I hope you will find the time to discover this lovely wine in your local wine shop and just try it out for yourself.

Cheers !

ad page 300 best 2017Sayang Ocean White 2016
marsanne, sauvignon blanc 

The fact that the Flemish guy behind the brand knows the wine business and the consumer market in detail is reflected in the refined upgrades of the blends year after year. Take this white Languedoc in its 5th brand anniversary year. It saw its Sauvignon Blanc proportion rise, adding more vibes and excitement to the palate. Ultra light yellow colour with a crystal clear brightness. Floral notes, ripe apricots, nectarines and pear as far as the marsanne is concerned. The zesty and juicy touch of lime, bergamot, grapefruit and green apple blends in beautifully. A true wine to enjoy “Flemish style”, to be served around 8-9° C.


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