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shoot wijnkoopgids 2015We were in for a surprise when we inquired about the results of sending in the wines to the 27th edition of this Belgian buying guide. Three Sayang wines scored! Frank Van der Auwera, a well known Belgian wine journalist, has a scrutinizing task to select the best 300 wines on the Belgian market below 10 euro from roughly 3500 samples he gets delivered each year.

So here we go, as far as Sayang Wines are concerned, the 2014 guide features:

On top of all that, the Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier got a special "Value" recommendation. How cool can it get?

Best 300 wines in Belgium  Sayang wijnkoopgids block22 LR  Sayang wijnkoopgids block88 LR



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