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cover 300 17The wine season has started again. It's the perfect time for the famous wine buying guide  "The best 300 wines below 10 euro in Belgium" to pop up in the market and the stores. Especially for those wine lovers out there who want to do some great picks.

Once again, overall we scored very very well with all our wines. Pity the list is limited to 300 and not 400  :-) . But we are very happy our cheapest white wine features once again in this handy book. Our 2016 Ocean White gets a great and very accurate description from the well known author and journalist Frank Vander Auwera. 

Please find the brief translation hereunder. I hope you will find the time to discover this lovely wine in your local wine shop and just try it out for yourself.

Cheers !

ad page 300 best 2017Sayang Ocean White 2016
marsanne, sauvignon blanc 

The fact that the Flemish guy behind the brand knows the wine business and the consumer market in detail is reflected in the refined upgrades of the blends year after year. Take this white Languedoc in its 5th brand anniversary year. It saw its Sauvignon Blanc proportion rise, adding more vibes and excitement to the palate. Ultra light yellow colour with a crystal clear brightness. Floral notes, ripe apricots, nectarines and pear as far as the marsanne is concerned. The zesty and juicy touch of lime, bergamot, grapefruit and green apple blends in beautifully. A true wine to enjoy “Flemish style”, to be served around 8-9° C.


cover 300 beste kleinThe "Wijnkoopgids" is back. For the 29th time, this yearly overview of the best 300 wines under 10 euro in Belgium, is picking out the best bargains on the market.

Overall we scored very very well with all our wines, but as the winning list is topped off at 300, those wines just above don't get the exposure. This being said we are very happy to be in it again. Especially with our 2015 Mountain Red blend we finetuned and shows very 'yummy' as Frank Vander Auwera describes him so accurately! 

We give a brief translation and hope you will find the wine in the store and just try it out for yourself.

Cheers !

ad page 300 best 2016Sayang Mountain Red 2015
cabernet sauvignon, carignan, grenache, malbec
Time for some healthy chauvinism: this is a brand and blend designed by a Belgian and cultivates a high yummy feeling. Components from different areas and appellations allow well used freedom to create a 'Vin de France' of quality signature. This vintage saw the addition of malbec to the blend, offering more options on an even better wine than before with more depth and meatiness.

It shines deep purple red and inky, like we would be tasting straight from the tank. Fun and balanced aroma's of violet, red cherries, strawberry without sultriness. The charm of the vintage is captured in a mouthwatering fruit basket with cassis, red currant, cherry, velvety tannins, liquorice, vivid acids and a herby-peppery finish. Serve this fruit factory around 14°C, at best while it is young and playful.

Click on the image for PDF download.


Even after 28 editions, this yearly overview of the best 300 wines under 10 euro in Belgium, remains to be as exciting as ever and a firm hold on to many wine lovers.

So what can we say else than that we are delighted to be in it again with three wines and our first red wine! Frank Van der Auwera, a well known Belgian wine journalist, receives roughly 4000 samples that in a few months time gets narrowed down to a bucket list of 300.

So here they are, the three selected Sayang Wines for this 2015 year's guide:

Check the "Where to find" page and enjoy the wines as you go along this festive wine season. Cheers!

Sayang wijnkoopgids 2015 Ocean White 2014  Sayang wijnkoopgids 2015 Mountain Red 2013  Sayang wijnkoopgids 2015 Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier 2014


mundusvini cab13 silverFor this years Mundus Vini competition, we sent in a vintage that has not been released yet. The Silver Medal obtained is exciting for the near future when we start selling our 2013 Sayang Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon.

This is the second Silver Medal we received from the German  ::MUNDUS VINI wine competition . And just like last year we are happy to see that our meticulous and detailed work to bring the most enjoyable wine to you gets rewarded by both consumers and international competitions.

We convey our message and philosophy by wine and hope you will try them, and share them with a bunch of good people around you.



It feels good when people enjoy your wines. And if International judges confirm the quality of your babies, then that is a nice bonus.  After the Concours Mondial in Brussels, the International Wine Challenge awarded   ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   sparkling wine a bronze medal in May 2015.

In addition, the   ::2014 Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec   got a nice "Commended". We consider this wine a little bit as our own little special darling because of the peculiar blend and the yummy stylish wine it shows in the glass.

Every year we send in just a few bottles here and there to a very small selection of wine competitions and it's great to see we are being picked up in them. International Wine Challenge is one of the major competitions recognised world wide and attracts many producers to participate as it has a global spread.

As Sayang is a world concept, we are happy with this result and encouraged to hold on to our vision and philosophy of quality, value for money and cherishing great wines and people from around world, no matter the origin of the people nor the wine.

And on that note, we can celebrate double this weekend and hand out double "mmuahh's" to all our sayangs and sayangs to come that support us by enjoying our wines.

        IWC-bronze-mmuahh Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec Commended international Wine Challenge


Gold Medal Concours Mondial Bruxelles May 2015 for Sayang Mmuahh Brut sparkling wineI am happy to announce that our latest addition to the range,   ::Sayang Mmuahh Brut   sparkling wine, has struck a golden medal at the Concours Mondial Bruxelles in May 2015.

With around 8000 samples sent in and at its 21st edition, this wine competition has taken it's deserved place in the array of competitions organised world wide.

It is with great joy and satisfation we take our place as the only Vino Spumante rewarded with Gold.

It encourages us to maintain our style and to convey our philosophy of quality, value for money and an open vision on the world, no matter the origin of the people nor the wine.

And on that note, we celebrate with a big toast and a little 'mmuahh' to all our sayangs who follow and support us.




shoot wijnkoopgids 2015We were in for a surprise when we inquired about the results of sending in the wines to the 27th edition of this Belgian buying guide. Three Sayang wines scored! Frank Van der Auwera, a well known Belgian wine journalist, has a scrutinizing task to select the best 300 wines on the Belgian market below 10 euro from roughly 3500 samples he gets delivered each year.

So here we go, as far as Sayang Wines are concerned, the 2014 guide features:

On top of all that, the Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier got a special "Value" recommendation. How cool can it get?

Best 300 wines in Belgium  Sayang wijnkoopgids block22 LR  Sayang wijnkoopgids block88 LR



logoWe are pleased to see  ::2013 Sayang Ocean White receiving a silver medal at the German  ::MUNDUS VINI wine competition in September 2014.

It encourages us to work hard and remain consistent as well as coherent in our strive for modern quality blends that differentiate us from other brands. Going for quality in a modern approach is definitely not a contradiction. We encourage you to try our wines and share them in the true spirit of our brand philosophy, no matter where you live on this great globe.

mundusvini ocean13 medaille LR


International Wine Challenge 2014 Commended award for Sayang Block 9 PremiumSayang Wines got a "Commended" award at the International Wine Challenge for its    ::2010 Sayang Block 9 Premium.

We are happy to see that gradually the Sayang wines are being recognised globally. Step by step we will enter our wines and share our philosophy with wine lovers from where ever they are on this fine wine planet. Meanwhile we hope you will try our wines and will enjoy the values, quality and flavours we stand for.

2010 Sayang Block 9 Premium International Wine Challenge Certificate


Winestars WorldSayang Wines got into the top twenty finalist of the Winestars World competition at Prowein 2013.

"Winestars World is delighted to announce it's presence at Prowein, where our competition will be judged by 8 of the leading buyers in Europe. All entries will be read and considered and the top 100 will be chosen, followed by 20 Finalists who will be invited to fly to Germany to present their winery and wines to these top buyers LIVE!"

We are very happy to be amongst this group of top 20, just 6 months after our first presence on the market. It encourages us to continue our approach in the Sayang way, with care for good wine and good people, where ever that may be in the world. 

Cheers !

Sayang Wines is making its international debut at Prowein 2013. Prowein is one of the most important professional wine trade fairs in the world and welcomes wine professionals in Dusseldorf Germany. In collaboration with Weinwirtschaft Trade Magazine, Dusseldorf Messe organises a central tasting area and ranking. This years theme was "varietal wines containing at least 85% of the major grape varietal".

Our Sayang Block 22 Merlot - Malbec being excluded from participating due to the blend of 65%-35%, we are happy to see Sayang Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier, Block 88 Chardonnay and Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon being awarded a certificate for outstanding participation in the trade area of Prowein 2013 "fashionable and leading varieties".

Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 22 Sauvignon Blanc - Viognier  Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 88 Chardonnay  Prowein 2013 Fashionable Block 88 Cabernet Sauvignon

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